Our products

Our traditional French bread

Good bread is made from flour, water, salt, yeast, and infinite doses of loving care.  Eric Kayser offers a broad range of classic and original bread, all kneaded, shaped, and baked every day in our factory.    

Monge Family

Monge bread is Eric Kayser’s signature made of a special flour mix called “Monge mix”. Monge is also the name of a street in Paris 5th, where was first established Maison Eric Kayser in 1996!

Monge bread has a crisp crust and a soft airy center, a fresh taste with a springy elastic texture that leaves a long-lasting taste in the mouth. 

With the baguette Malesherbes or Cereals, the olive bread, or the original squirrel baguette, Eric Kayser suggests innovative recipes from the Monge dough.

Rustic Family

Rustique's name stands for the very artisanal appearance and taste of this bread.

The Rustique bread is also a special Eric Kayser mix flour made out of buckwheat flour, which gives the brown color. A subtle taste of dried fruit, roasted hazelnuts, vanilla pods, raisins, freshly crushed almonds, and honey, perfect with grilled fish or cheese.

The wide rustique range proposes baguette rustique, batard rustique or big rustique.

Bread from around the world

While traveling, Eric Kayser selected the best recipes to bring more inspiration and creativity to his bread.


This old recipe from Eastern Europe was the first to introduce butter in the bread dough. The addition of premium quality butter provides our viennois bread with a soft and dense texture and distinct buttery taste.

Pain de Mie

Pain de mie is the name of the inside part of the bread, as opposed to the outside crust. This bread is so-called because it is mainly composed of mie and very little crust. 

The Japanese recipe is special because of its very special smooth and creamy texture. Also, the good conservation of at least 3 days makes this bread famous worldwide. Perfect for breakfast to make jam or honey tartines.

Our danishes and dry pastries

Just like our bread, Eric Kayser’s Viennoiseries receive the best treatment from the hands of our artisan. Resulting from a long and delicate process of folding and resting our danish are made of premium butter, selected wheat flour, and natural liquid leaven to create thousands of flaky layers and a unique golden look. 


Besides the baguette, our famous croissant is another worldwide bestseller revised and enhanced by Eric Kayser.

Make your choice between our delicious croissant, chocolate croissant or almond croissant.


Our Danish pastries are generously filled with a light custard cream for a great mix of flaky and melting sensations.

Raisin, Pineapple, Chocolate…. Which one is going to be your favorite?

Cookie & Brownie

Ideal for chocolate lovers, our cookies and brownies are generously prepared with the finest ingredients to bring you pleasure with every bite!

Madeleine & Financier

These soft little cakes with their delicious buttery flavor will perfectly accompany every moment of your day with a coffee or tea.

Our pastries

Surrender to sweet pleasures and awaken your senses with Eric Kayser's little sweets. Our teams of passionate pastry chefs devote much care to guarantee taste and freshness through daily preparation and very limited shelf lives.


Eric Kayser Eclair is a winning match of choux pastry filled with unctuous chocolate or coffee cream. 


Vary the pleasure with our signature sweet and crunchy pastry shortbread filled with lemon curd or other creative combinations according to the chef's inspiration.


A mix between tradition & creation, cream & crunch, fruits & chocolate, our entremets are designed for everyone's tastes.


One of our best sellers in Cambodia, our macarons are truly irresistible! Chocolate, Coffee, Green Tea, Raspberry, Lemon, or Passion, what's your favorite flavor?

Our sandwiches

“A good bread makes a good sandwich”, said Eric Kayser. Savor the flavor of authentic bread with fresh and quality products.

Sandwiches & Wraps

Discover our range of sandwiches: ham & cheese, tuna, chicken coleslaw or vegetarian wrap, on site or by delivery.

Quiche & Croque Monsieur

Feeling hungry? Try one of these traditional French bistrot dishes : Quiche bacon or vegetable or even the famous Croque Monsieur.  Available also with the lunch set.

Our drinks

Whether you’re starting your day with breakfast, meeting friends for lunch, or taking an after school break with family, you will always find the right occasion to take a drink into one of our shop. 


Our coffee from Laos is carefully selected and prepared by the hands of our baristas, to give you the best taste and energy you need!


Enjoy our surprising selection of tea from Kampot : lemongrass, pandan, star anise, pepper, turmeric, betel & moringa.

Fresh Juices

All the colors and vitamins you need in our fresh juices. Orange, pineapple, apple, carrot, cucumber... you can choose your mix.